Thorough explanation, how magic and chi works:

Important facts:

1. Everyone has a certain amount of magic and chi in his body.

2. Before starting to train you can always only control your inner chi/magic

3. Ur inner chi/magic is positive while the body and outer chi/magic is negative.

4. At first magic/chi is being held in a cell in one’s body.

5. People who completed first stage, the inner chi/magic freeing stage, channel their inner energy through their body. That way the tides turned and the body is being held captive by the radiating evenly distributed energy.

6. People always have to do the first stage: inner energy freeing stage – before being able to use their energy. If they didn’t, they simply did it unconsciously, but that is given through genetics. On earth people don’t have any genetics to do it unconsciously, so they aren’t aware of the force in them. On martial art or magic worlds they only have one of them.

7. Chi and mana is everywhere and equally distributed, but if you use inner energy and release it to the outside, it’ll create a disturbance creating phenomena.

8. There are locations with high and location with low energy density. High density means effects and training speed increased, low density means the opposite. It can also be high density magic but low density chi or the other way round. That’s because if you release inner energy to a place with low density it can easily take it in. But if you have high density it can barely take it. Imagine low density as gas, middle as liquid and high as a hard material. Then what happens if you put even more of it in the same barrel without giving it more space although it was already filled to the last drop before? For the hard material the pressure will increase so greatly that the barrel explodes. For the liquid it’ll round up a bit or press the barrel open and leak it bit for bit. For gas it will just happen nothing. It’ll spin a bit inside but after a short while it’ll have calmed down.

9. After you released your inner energy: its speed will create a kind of barrier blocking off outside energy. U could even say inner mana and chi are something like protons, while outer are electrons. Only if a proton scratches an electron at the barrier, it can take it in. That’s how you channel outer energy.

10. A pair of an electron and a proton in an area where there are more protons than electrons will evolve into a big proton, and then split into 2 new protons. And the other way around. That way within the barrier it will always be positive, while outside it will always be negative. That way your energy will increase exponentially while training.

11. The more you control the higher the density has to be. Pressure attacks work by using an considerable higher amount of energy than the other person has and crack or break the barrier. If it breaks, the other one faints. If it cracks the other one will have difficulties to use his energy.

12. The energy is controlled with mental energy. Using mental energy strains your brain. The stronger your imagination, the stronger your mental energy.

13. Now here are the two factors of talent. First: Imagination. The better you can imagine, the later the stop of increasing your chi due to training will come. That means if you don’t have much mental energy you notice a level cap pretty early. Second: inner energy at the start. If you have much from beginning, you will just ignore month or years of training.

14. If you wanna speed up your training there are two ways. First: train in a high energy density location. That’s why you can quickly level up by battling. Enemy uses energy-> density increases. And special items that create kind of like an channel through your barrier letting in more outside energy.

15. If you faint you barrier will disappear and your energy will automatically return inside your body, recreating the state from before training, but this time with all qui you gathered and made yours up till now. But if you do use items and locations too high for your level, your inner energy level will be overtaken by the outside negative energy before you faint. The more it could take over, the more you have to gather by training once again. But if it also takes over some of the original inner energy, your body will take damage as well, and you will fall ill. This illness goes away after your body recovered all the original inner energy. The heavier the damage, the exponentially longer it’ll take to recover. If it took over all of your energy, you’ll die. The illness will give you headaches, restrict your movements, dismantle your bones, skin and muscles and some other common things that can vary. Also you’re more attracted by other illnesses.

16. Mana and chi create natural phenomena when released. Controlling the outcome is what a magician/martial artist does with his spells/techniques. For example: if you have a way to produce phones 20 times cheaper the others, you can produce different effects at the market if you put it to sale 2 times or 20 times cheaper as well as how much at one time. The one controlling that is the marketer. Marketer ~ martial artist ~ mage ~ alchemist are all the same regarding controlling something they don’t own or rule.

17. Mana is more spiritual, chi is more materiel. -> Accumulated mana can block only an arrow if the users high ultimate magician, while chi of a rank 2 martial artist can easily block it. But therefore has mana a high effect on souls and mental energy of others, while chi doesn’t.

Soul rankings:

Each three sub rankings; exploring, manifesting and end -stage.

0. Inner energy freeing stage

1. Beginner

2. Student

3. Demi master

4. Master

5. King

6. Emperor

7. Legend

8. Demigod

Ranking of magic spells:

1. Basic magic

2. Lower magic

3. Higher magic

4. High magic

5. Grand magic

6. Ultimate magic

7. Godly Magic

X. Special magic/unique magic | varies

Level of techniques/ object rankings:

1. Low

2. Middle

3. High

4. Expert

5. Legend

6. Artifact

Magic level

1. commoner

2. Student

3. Magician

4. Great magician

5. Ultimate magician

6. Battle god


1. Harmless

2. Dangerous

3. Extremely dangerous

4. Calamity

5. Natural disaster

6. Catastrophe

Mana Level:

1. 0-100, commoner, less dangerous monster

2. 100-1000 dangerous, student

3. 1000-5000 dangerous, student

4. 5000-20000 extremely dangerous, magician

5. 20000-100000 calamity, great magician

6. 100000-1000000 catastrophe, ultimate magician

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