Chapter 0.1: Star Destroying Robot

Arc 0: Death

There is one planet everyone in the whole galaxy graves for, the dream of every kid, the origin of every successful genius and a reflection of the future.
This planet of education and research harbors over 500 academies and universities each with hundreds of different courses. In their free-time, students can exert any kind of talent or hobby, there are even gigantic robotic battle arenas, galleries with billions of hologram arts and stages so big that you can present your speech to millions of people at the same time. There is literally everything, even an artificial ocean covered with floating cities. Sky scrapers completely wrapped in glass dominate this planet`s surface. Naturally, the glass isn’t just glass, but futuristic devices which look like glass when they are not in use. Important people with important news show up every now and then and with those devices they can stream and project whatever they want from anywhere to everywhere. Even extremely expensive things which cost whole planets, fill the scenery as if it were a given: Hyper loops, beaming machines and space-gates allow you to travel to any place in maximum 20 minutes – for free.

Next to this famous planet circulates a many times smaller one, which has been forgotten ever since a terrifying catastrophe completely eradicated all life on it. The first one to inhabit it again was the genius technician famous all over the galaxy for his insanity. But in a vast world like this, there were also people interested in becoming his students, attracted by the scent of forbidden research in things like large scale weapons and artificial life.

He lives in a house as high as a sky scraper and as big as an airport, harboring a robot in shining white armor made out of a material his students created after years of studying.
On its back a built in jet pack, in its arm a railgun shooting faster than the speed of light and a thought reading device in its head. All of those combined with artificial life and intelligence, display a despisingly well-built weapon endangering the current state of peace.

Before it stands someone who looks like an ant compared to this massive machine. This ant is me, a crazy technician who also created this monster, dreaming of ruling them all. My biggest dream where all my efforts are directed to, is the day where I will lay down on my sofa, start my holo-phone and watch my robots take over the galaxy.

Hmm, are my looks ready for the greatest moment of my life? Smooth blue jeans, a blue coat without any stains, freshly colored blue hair, a luxurious blue T-shirt, fantastic blue shoes… check. Temperature configurator… works, anti-pain function… works, energy shield… works.

Stage is set, let’s try this beast out!

I’m not only happy for myself, but also for my amazing students who are more amazing than anyone else. Especially my newest student always presents ideas, even I, the biggest genius of them all – and the best looking one on top of that – can’t replicate no matter how hard I try. Therefore I gave my little genius student a soul bracelet, said to link two souls together, when he came by yesterday. With this I can notify him in case I finish the robot before my students come back from the school festival, without anyone able to intercept.
While he was warning me about some change the interstellar channel is currently running wild about, I remembered my very first event on the planet. The moment I arrived on the planet, I was instantly stunned from all the things I’ve had never seen before and wasted not a single second to experience everything coming into my mind.

Looking back, I behaved like a little kid trying out his first Holo-phone, haha.

While I was piercing the sky with my extremely beautiful – yellow – eyes, I stumbled across loud noise and fancy lights which came from a religious festival. They all had kind of weird opinions on life like: every single life is important, the strong have to help the weak and all races are equal, but that stuff doesn’t matter when there’s free food. But as life went on I stopped being crazy about eating, since I was able to eat anything and everything whenever I wanted to. Honestly, eating is a waste of time which could be recovered with a technological restructuring of one’s body, but those narrow minded rulers decided to forbid all kinds of research on artificial life.

They can’t restrict me, but sadly this is not within my field of expertise.
Haha, food can`t stop a genius like me from taking over the universe. Also my wonderful blue outfit makes nothing impossible…

I open the cockpit consumed with self pride and breath in and out a few times with my hands clinching around the controls.
HAHAHAHA! Finally, the first step towards taking over the world is set. I just can’t wait anymore, I’m so excited what my students will say when I welcome them with this beast!

“Star Destroying Robot, activate.”
“Confirming access… Access confirmed. Welcome on board, ‘Time Bomb’. The engines will start now. Please lean back and enjoy taking over the world!”
Muhahaha! I’m the strongest! Bow down to me, narrow minded leaders!

Suddenly an extremely loud sound cripples my ears and my vision turns black.

Ahhhhh! What happened, this pain! Even my anti-pain function is helpless against this paralyzing pain!
I want to throw up, but I can’t feel myself anymore. Rather it feels like as if I have been rippled into tiny pieces of worthless meat.
It all feels so unreal, but it most definitely is no dream.

… am I dead?
Haha, are you joking on me? Why? Even though
we tried so hard! 

I guess it’s karma for dreaming about taking over the universe…


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