Chapter 0.3: Deathbed

No, don’t whine. I’m sure we’ll be able to see each other in the next life. I have no regrets left; I lived a thousand years trying to understand nature. I had you following me for nearly a thousand years, and now I can become one with the karmic cycle and the nature again. So please smile one last time, then I’ll know that you have enjoyed your life with me as well; that would be my greatest joy.I say with my last bit of strength.

My dear friend Ruby sits next to me in the cave where the legendary spring of life is located.
It is an outstanding beautiful cave with lots of plants brimming with healthiness and soundness. Water slowly drops down from leaves, moisture
shines like sparkling stars and evaporated life force fills the air with pleasant warmth.

I’m the only one among the living to know about this cave, which myths refer to as the legendary spring of life. It defies the laws of nature and destiny by increasing the limits of talent of whoever cultivates in it. However, in order to find it, one has to follow the path of nature and in order to cultivate in it, one has to truly understand nature itself. Any foolish attempts to cultivate in here would end up in death.

But maybe, it defying destiny, is also destiny.
Actually, this weird paradox sentence isn’t from me, but my late teacher, who changed my fate after I gave up on everything. But
If your fate changes, it’s fate as well
… according to my teacher.


Even though I had bad talent, I didn’t give up and decided to compensate for it with hard training. Nonetheless, even after training more diligently than anyone else, I just couldn’t surpass the talented ones. Every year anew, while my hair was steadily turning white, another dozens of genius youths appeared surpassing me with little effort.

After turning one hundred and fifty years old, I proudly achieved the 5th cultivation stage, only to be beaten by a child in his thirties.
Despite all this disgrace, this day was also the day when my fate changed.

After the fight I woke up and saw an old, but beautiful woman with black hair treating my wounds. Although I was laying next to the spring of life all the time, it took me over a century to identify it as the spring of life. Regardless of that, I assessed that my vital spots have been healed because of the woman’s techniques.
Of course, I was startled at first that she can use such high level healing techniques, so I asked her politely about how and why she healed me.

She replied that she found my body by chance shortly after the fight and noticed the anomalies of my body. Apparently, when she was still alive, she had already reached the demi god soul rank. That’s why her bodiless soul still wanders through these lands even after her death.
I wanted to know just what could have killed her, but every time she would just appeal to me to never boast about my strength if I want to keep it.

I thought her accomplishments achieved by advancing to the demi god soul rank are unrivaled, so I requested her to teach me. She agreed and taught me her eternal cultivation method, which strengthens the whole body, even organs and flesh. It harmonized perfectly with my abnormal body, which, instead of cultivating fast, lasts long.

On top of increasing my life span to a thousand years, her training greatly aided my break through to legendary rank end stage at an age of 980 years, just one step away from the demi god soul rank.
I finally became the strongest and oldest person in the present.


Slowly, after hearing my request, my soul partner Ruby starts to smile very slightly. It is obvious that smiling while his master is dying, is very painful for him.
However, being able to fulfill master’s last wish, makes him very happy.

Ah~, so that’s how dying feels, clearly an unburdening feeling. I wonder how far I could have cultivated if I had the talent of a genius.

My teacher, who was a wandering soul, already completely dematerialized long ago, but I can still remember her telling me that one prodigy cultivated to a point where his body turned completely spiritual.
However, this immortal being
disappeared forever after spiritualizing.
I remember hearing another story about him transcending into the heavens, after he cultivated past mortality. 

But that’s a long lost fairytale.

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