Chapter 0.4: False Friends

“Let’s go out and play some hide and seek, underling!” a voice shouts from outside the window.
Scared of the outside, I don’t want to go out. Last time we played catch the thief, I broke my finger after tripping over a stone hidden between some high grass.
While being lost in thoughts about this incident, my mum suddenly pipes up “Come on don’t be shy, your friends are waiting for you, Silver. It’s best for you to grow up, since there will be a time you have to go out and take care of yourself.”

I love my mummy, she is always right and never hurts me. Therefore I don’t want to make her sad and reply “Ok, mummy…”.

There you finally are, let’s go to the forest!” Boss calls out.
Boss is a noble from town and two years older than me and the other boys from the village, but he often comes down to our village to play with us. His name is obviously not ‘Boss’, but he wants us to call him that.

I hate dangerous things, but the others always comply with him and therefore my only option is to argue.
“But we can’t go there; my mum told me I shall never go there until I finish school!”
It is not a lie and it should be the same for him, but he brazenly starts laughing “Haha, you really are a coward, that’s probably the reason for her forbidding you to go there!”


Actually I’m not allowed to go there either, but I bet we can scare him to death there, haha!

“Come on, you begin with hiding!”
“But I don’t want to go into the forest. My mum said I can’t!” he insists.

I thought I made clear that I’m the boss, so what is he muttering about?

This guy called Silver really is weird, I just can’t decipher his personality. He’s a scaredy cat in front of all kind of dangers, even extremely improbable ones. Even though he’s a coward like no one else, he would never back down and always stands firm. The only way to make him do something is to convince him it’s safe and argue until you are exhausted from talking.

Tch this stupid kid just has to make everything difficult. Seems like I have to bear it for now and argue with this blockhead

“If we can’t go in there, then where do you wanna hide? There’s only open space here! Grow up a bit and go hide now!”
“Ok then… but only for today!”

Huh? He agreed so quickly; lucky!
Hahaha, finally he went in, this is gonna be ridiculous!

“Ey, gimme my bear costume, we’re gonna have some big fun with him now hahaha!” I whisper to one of the other two guys.
Suddenly I hear the blockhead’s voice screaming “Ahhhh help me, a bear! Go away!”
I can’t believe it, how could he fall for that so easily, I wasn’t even trying! Haha, he could have at least waited until I sneak up from behind.

“Haha did you hear that guys? Wait, why are you looking so scared, did you forget it’s me?”
What are they doing? Are they really that dull? Hello idiots, stop whining around, I’m not a bear!

“No, that’s not it Boss, behind you!” he finally responds.
“Huh? Whoa no way what are you still standing there for, lets run!”

What are they hesitating for?
“But boss, our friend is in front of it, we must save him!” the idiot tries to justify himself.
Oh my god, those lowly villagers are beyond help.
“Ahaha! Are you stupid, do you really think such a coward would be my friend? Just run if you wanna live.”
“But what are we gonna tell his mother?”

Why is this bonehead still arguing? I’m not gonna continue this if he doesn’t get it this time.
“You really are helpless, of course we tell her a bear came and out of fear this coward ran into the forest, but since we can’t go in there, we couldn’t help him.”
“But I still think it was not right, at least we should be honest.”

Forget it, I give up!
“Oh my god you townspeople are really no fun at all!”

Farewell pitiful villagers, and please, let the bear eat you all up!


“Woahh! This- this scary thing is trying to kill me! Ahhhh!” I scream out in desperation.

This was bound to happen.
Why would I agree to such a dangerous thing as going into the forest? I mean, I know why, it is because he told me to grow up and my mum told me the same.
But why did I get swayed by some beautified words?

…Whoa, no, what’s going to happen to me if the bear catches me? H-Help! It’s so scary! Nooooooooooo!

As fear makes calm thinking impossible, I just run crying and I run and I run.

I finally stop for a second, since my breath left me, but scared of the bear and not knowing where I am, I once again run until suddenly everything turns black.

Mummy, Daddy, I don’t wanna die, please help me! Wuah~!

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