Chapter 3: School

After some whining and good-bye-wishes, I finally leave my house towards school. It is 6 o’clock in the morning and school starts at twelve.

A lot of time, but since my school isn’t in this city, mom told me to jump up a cavern with the money she gave me. After talking to some guys of the cavern heading towards the next city, they explain they will depart in two hours.

Having some time left in the city, I decide to wander around a bit and grab something to eat. Suddenly the mysterious store in the backstreets pops up in my head. Blended in curiosity I go in once again.

Ah eh hello?” I ask.
“Oh it’s you again, just look around and better buy something while you’re at it.”
The look of the shopkeeper still gives me goosebumps all over the body.

Silently looking around, while the other souls seem to be cautios even of the sound their breathes make, although the mysterious man wouldn’t be able to hear them anyways, since they’re only in my head, I find a lot of treasures in form of weird looking tools.

After a while my eyes lay down on something very surprising. It is a katana, brimming with power. With incredible intimidating evil intention.
The shopkeeper slowly begins to talk “This sword piques your interest right? It’s something an hero once made ages ago, but I would be very cautious, it is cursed. Even though it is the only one on the continent, it looks like you have already seen it. I wonder how?”

Another cold breath flows down my back and I nearly forget to respire.
I know you’re sharp, but there’s things I can’t tell someone I don’t trust.” I answer.
“What, you don’t trust me? You must be tired of living!
… Uhm…
Don’t whine, I was just joking!” he tries to calm me down.

Ok, making jokes about killing someone is funny. You always learn something new.
In what way is that a joke?

“Ah~, just go and come back when you’re grown up.” he answers my stubborn, sulky gaze and tells me to go now, because otherwise the cavern I wanna take would be gone.
Scared to the toes I now quickly turn towards the exit and as the door is closing, I turn around one last time and shout “
N-next time I will buy it, so d-don’t sell it!” while he silently smiles and nods.

At last we meet up with the cavern who had hired adventurers to guard it, ready to depart to school. On our way we get to see professionals fight some stray monsters and a little group of bandits, what ended in a bloody battle, with the bandits retreating and losses on both sides. After three hours we arrive at the destination, but since the cavern is going to travel further towards the capital, it only stops in front of this city and renews the exhausted guards.

Taking a quick look at the city, I am already in awe of its size, being at least two times bigger than the town where I come from. Mom told me before the departure that the big building in the middle is my future school.

Whoa seeing it up close really is different from watching memories!” I announce and Komoru quickly agrees “Of course it is, or why do you think people are traveling to famous sightseeings?”
I wonder what people are in there! Let’s go in!” I suggest.

Overwhelmed by this sight, my mood suddenly goes up and I already desire sitting in the classroom and looking all over the city. The only one that sees it as the smallest town he had seen besides the one we came from, is the technician who was used to cities hundred, no rather thousands of times as big and with houses not one smaller than the school building. Knowing his stories and tales the other souls laugh at him
“Come on, we’re sure you’re at least as excited as we’re!”
A light smile starts to show on his face as he can’t do anything but agree.

For the first time since coming to this world, we can marvel at other races like catpeople, sheeppeople and a lot of others. The technician had already seen some looking like them, since different planets were home to different species and Old Fionn only rarely saw one when a martial artist with an animal like partner transformed.
Komoru, being a fully fledged Otaku, of course is drooling since he saw the first one, having missed them since his arrival in this world. He recently was even talking in his sleep about them…

Besides that, a lot of young people around my age roam the streets.
Probably students.
“Woah, there are some real beauties, you really are lucky to be able to go there!” Komoru excitedly
“Look over there, Silver, a robot!” Bluey points towards a shop.
Haha no way, that’s just an earth magic golem!” I tell him.

While walking along the busy mainstreet, which directly goes from the gate towards the school, a little girl, only a bit younger than me, runs into me with bread in her hands, takes a step back and shouts “S-sowy” with closed eyes and hurries past me into a backstreet.

Suddenly an old man comes by and asks “Hey, do you know where a little kid, black clothing, went?”
Ah, I don’t want to be rude, but allow me to ask who you are.” I ask back.
“Oh right, I’m sorry, are you here from outside for school?” he questions me and I confirm. “Then let me promote myself real quick, I’m the shopkeeper of this cheap store with high quality food
… and this girl just stole a piece of bread from us.” he explains.

He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, though.

Does she come often?” I want to know, and he kindly replies
“Haha yeah, she’s already like a regular customer. She’s actually pretty well known for her regular stealing, but don’t worry, she only steals food.”
Oh then thank you for the warning, I’ll be more cautious in the future, but I’m sorry, I didn’t see her between all those people.” I tell him.
“Haha no worries, just come by and buy some food from our store when you have a break!”
he laughs and goes back to his store.

I actually lied to him because I feel pity for the girl.
Normally I wouldn’t have understood, that a kid stealing bread is the one suffering, even if the kid never gets caught. However, two years ago Old Fionn showed me some memories of him visiting different poor parts and towns. He also taught me about the matters regarding:

Are people breaking rules bad people? If you see a person in misery, should you help?

In the end I concluded that this is too difficult for me to understand yet and therefore I’ll just decide depending on my mood. I felt like helping this time, the main reason was probably her being polite; apologizing even in such a situation.

As I finally arrive at the school gate, my way is being blocked by a crowd of people.
Damn it, get out of my way!
“Sorry, could you please… thank you very much” is what I keep saying.

Five minutes later I’m still about ten meters away from the gate.
So annoying, school is starting soon, why don’t they let me through? I can’t be late at my first day already!
What are you doing? Why don’t you chill down for a sec, the welcome ceremony of the new students is about to start.” I hear a girl’s voice coming from my side
“Whew, I finally got through to you. Why are you trying to get through? Five meters ahead is a barrier anyways, are you maybe one of the older ones?”
…How in the world could i forget the welcoming ceremony?

“Ah eh no, I just like standing in the front row on concerts, you know.” I think up some excuse and then ask “What’s your name? Are you going to this school as well?”
She replies “I’m Ann, and yeah, I am entering as well. What about you? Do you come from afar?”

While we are talking to each other I notice the weird gazes of all those people around me. Why are they looking at me, do I have something in my face?
“You seem to be a bit irritated, Silver. Let me guess why they are all looking at you. She’s some kind of rich bitch and they wonder who you are for her to bother talking to you.” Komoru assesses this situation, but Bluey doubts his position
“No way everything is like in your stupid mangas, come back to reality.” he argues.
He has a point, but Komoru seems pretty confident as well.

“Are you some kind of famous? Those around us are looking with jealous eyes at you. Ah and by the way, my name is Silver, I’m from a neighboring town.”
She confirms this question with a big grin and goes back to her friends while saying “Was nice to meet you, Silver, let’s hope we’ll get into the same class!”, w
hile in my head Blacky starts to mock Bluey
“See? I tell you, Mangas are always right. They are even more real than reality!”

With a slow voice Bluey replies “You’re exaggerating a lot again… but I must say I’m impressed – Manga literature keeps surprising me.”

After that new experience I blush a bit and suddenly the crowd quiets down. Even though I’m supposed to be close, with all those heads blocking my view, I can only make up the people ascending the stage.

“Welcome Dear new Students! Please be patient as we quickly introduce ourselves and explain the rules, as well as our expectations! Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation! Now, …” a man calling himself the vice principal starts the introduction.

The people on stage are called:

  • Libro, the Chief of Magic
  • Spreak, the Chief of Sports
  • Ord, the Chief of Staff
  • Prythan, the Chief of Maths
  • and Firik, the Vice Principal as well as the Chief of History.

He keeps mentioning how proud he is to be able to announce that as of this year, they will also accept students from other races.

You shouldn’t be so proud about that, rather ashamed for falling behing modern society. In two other countries they allow other races into school for already two centuries!
But at least better than this piece of shit Northern Empire.

Even though he seems excited and many other cheer on this announcement, there are also a lot of people who don’t even try to hide their opinion and badmouth other races with disgusted faces.

Ah! Isn’t that-?
“Silver, look which old friend of yours I just found! Challenge him to a duell and then humiliate him as much as possible, this is the perfect opportunity to pay back this bastard!” Bluey shouts out.
He actually remembered something!
“It’s really him. The city bastard who laughed at my death. The one who changed my life. To a fun one. The one who gave me a future. I will definetely pay back his kindness with a few broken ribs and swollen lips!
But on the other hand, doing it right now isn’t wise considering all the people that would interfere and at worst, I would even get expelled before I can enter.” I argue.
And I don’t wanna risk loosing! But why is he the same year as me? He is two years older!

“Hey, yo! Why you staring at them?” some unknown guy lays his arm around my shoulders and speaks to me
“Are you also a student enrolling today? Where do you come form? Wh…”
Where did he come from. Why is he talking to me, I don’t even know him.
“Erm… do I know you?” I interrupt his speech.
“… you know my grandpa once – oh, erm sorry for not introducing myself earlier.
I’m Ryan, a dog kin.” he tells me.
“Don’t those people spitting on your humanity bother you?”

I’m kind of curios, because as I said, they don’t hide their opinion at all.

But he just laughs at me “Not at all, I mean, how could I enjoy a single second in my life if I bothered? As long as they don’t overdo it…
Oh yeah, I forgot, I originally came here to ask you why this ‘queen’ was talking to you, since you don’t seem to be some nobility.”
“I want to know as well. Maybe I’m just too cool.” I answer him.

he keeps staring at me.
Maybe he doesn’t get my sarcasm?

Suddenly he opens his mouth ” hmmm, maybe…

I wonder if I’ll get worse grades from those teachers looking down on other races.”

The voices subside as once again the vice principal starts talking again. This time he introduces the student council president, who, after a formal welcoming speech, assigns us to our classes, A – F. After your name is called, you have to go to the corresponding classroom.

I am in C, huh.
Oh? Isn’t that the girl and the –

“HELLO! Lucky!
To think we are in the same class!” he yells at me.
I sit down next to him.
“Wanna be friends?” Ryan asks me with a big grin covering his face.

But please stop screaming, it hurts…

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