Chapter 4: Daily Life Of School

If my estimation is correct, I will arrive at this planet in 5 years.

I really can’t await to see what’s living on there. Last time really was fascinating.
To think that with certain circumstances minor animals can achieve a higher intelligence than humans – and even dominate them!

Besides being cute, they were funny and had interesting things they called technology.

Even though they weren’t as much developed as the planet of my origin – they didn’t even know cultivation – , they were still able to teach me, how to properly rule people. If I hadn’t met them, I still wouldn’t have known, that the best way to defeat someone, is to not defeat him.  

Although those memories are already one hundred years old…

Wandering through space for thousands of years truly is boring, you can’t even cultivate at all; and when you find an inhabited planet for once, there is a pretty high chance for it having no intelligent creatures at all.

This planet was literally the highest developed society I have met till now. But for the truths of life – which different worlds can show me – it most definitely is worth it.


After half an hour, the tumult settles down as the class teacher comes in. He first of all checks the list of present students and then proceeds with a round of introduction.

After that, he hands out a lot paper containing basic information on school rules, timetable and subjects. In the first month we seem to have:

  • History
  • Etherian language class (This country is called Etheria Kingdom)
  • Geography (What countries exist on our continent and what folks live where)
  • Politics (Who rules what and what rights we have)
  • Math

After one month we will have to decide on two to three optional subjects, which add to our current timetable.

  • Magic
  • Sports
  • Combat
  • Painting
  • Blacksmithing
  • and some more

We will be stuck in here for the next year until Summer Break – then we can leave school until the break ends. However, we can still leave the school everyday for one hour each.
Whew, that’s relieving! I really want to see more of the city. I wonder if I’ll meet the little thief again.

Today we only have the introduction with our class teacher, therefore we don’t have any other subjects and are able to leave the school quite early.

“Silver~, are you going to the city as well now?” Ryan asks me as soon as school ends.
“Of course.”
then, let’s hurry!”

During our one hour of free time, we run through the street, eat at several stores, meet the shopkeeper from earlier and gape at all those expensive weapons – Even though, not a single one can compare to that katana.
Luckily I did some muscle training, otherwise I would have run out of stamina long ago.

“Wait! – Huff, huff – Slow down, I need to digest all the stuff we ate today. How can you even have so much stamina?” I wonder.
“Hehe, Beastkin naturally have high stamina, therefore we lack magic talent. Especially dogkin exceed at running long distances” he proudly replies.

Amazing. Did I overestimate myself?

Old Fionn, after seeing my baffled face, speaks up
“What is it? Is something bothering you, Silver?”
“Hmm, kinda” I reply
“He had more stamina than me, although I trained like no one else and you keep telling me I have talent never heard before. Why is he so much stronger than me?”

Old man looks at my troubled face for a while and then laughs
“Haha, stamina is not strength! Strength is a vast term. If I would try to put it in words… it’s perseverance”

“What use is perseverance on a battlefield if you cannot protect yourself – Let alone your loved ones. Strength is the ability to protect your friends, your family and yourself!” Komoru implies.

“Hahahahaha! Are you serious? Protecting “Family”? Persevering ridicule? Strength is to RULE!” Bluey argues.

Soo… what is strength? 

Then Komoru intervenes “Why don’t you just create a party? With powerful people you can trust backing you, you are a lot stronger and can make up for your weaknesses. Besides, adventuring without a party is totally boring. Just start with that friend of yours. Together you can help each other out and grow even faster.”
“Ohh, interesting. Have you been in a party before?” I ask him and he suddenly shudders
“Y-Yeah, I was. We were called the Fierce Embers. We did have a lot of fun.”
“Are they still alive?”
“S-Sorry.” I whisper.

I guess even a hero doesn’t have an easy life.
Hehe, how could I not have thought of it sooner
. If I’m not strong enough on my own, I’ll just create a party to cover up my weakness’s!

The next day just started, and I’m already pretty bored. Politics was basically all about how to show respect towards elder and stronger people. Geography was just talking about the map of the continent and what races we are familiar with.

Only math was worse. The teacher said our goal is to be able to multiply and divide until this year ends. … What?
My teachers told me if I can’t efficiently use squares and roots by the end of the year, I can give up on becoming the strongest.
…That was when I turned seven! Sigh~
To this day, I still can’t see any connection between math and strength.

After this boring day, Ryan and I once again go into the city. It still is a lot of fun to run with him through the city and eat up the food stores. As I think about how much fun having friends is, the little girl with the bread suddenly crosses my mind. 

If she’s stealing food, is she sleeping outside? Isn’t it really cold at night? I hope she has at least enough to eat.

On our way back, I tell Ryan that I still have something to do and part ways with him. 

A moment later I head into a dark backstreet where I last saw her and some minutes of searching later, I discover her crawling between some trash and slowly eating bread.
It hurts, but what can I do? 

“Do you remember the 100 old gold coins? They should be sufficient to at least provide her with shelter. If you wanna help her that is.” Old man remembers me.
“Oh, great idea! Then I’ll hurry up and trade them for some money!” I reply, but Fionn stops me
“What is it?” I ask confused. 
Did he also notice someone is following us?

“You could be framed or at least scammed if you are careless. No one will believe a kid from poor background claiming to have been ripped off gold coins by a legal merchant. First of all, you need strong and trustworthy backing.” Fionn explains and Komoru nods
“Merchants always exploit naive kids”

The presence vanished again. Where did it come from?

“Hmm, I don’t think there’s any person I kno- No wait!
Teachers, how about the principal? After all, he was probably the person to decide that other races can enroll as well. Old Fionn told me only bad people usually look down on other races.” I consider.
“Hohoho, I guess it’s worth a try. But how do you expect to meet him? He didn’t even show up at the welcoming ceremony.” Fionn implies.

I grin “Hehe, I have an idea. Let’s just explore the city for another one or two hours. There’s still a lot of food I haven’t tried yet! Muahah!”

Two hours later I greet the gatekeeper
“Hello! … Isn’t he… Come BACK this instance!
Those kids these days… Two hours!” he grumbles and pulls me towards the school building.
At the door I recognize my class teacher, and after a quick nod of the gatekeeper, her face turns angry.

“Two hours! Don’t you have any respects towards rules at all? Did you even pay attention to politics class today? It’s only the second day on top of that!” she scolds me.

“Who are you taking me to?” I want to know, but she coldly replies
“You can ask yourself that after you have been expelled! …And here I thought you were a promising student. Such a pity that…”

She stops as we seem to have arrived. After the door opens I see a motionless, middle aged man. The door closes and the teacher leaves. 

Suddenly, his presence becomes stronger and stronger, and wind begins blowing through my hair.
Shit, he’s seriously angry, his wind restrains my entire body. SHIT, this guy is seriously dangerous! 

“Do you know what you did? Will you also tell me why you did that?” he looks at me with infuriated eyes.
“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t want to – I-I mean I want to help someone, but I need your help for that. I couldn’t think of any other method to meet you!”
He frowns and then continues to interrogate me
“Why would you take the risk of getting expelled only to meet someone you don’t even know?”
“You are probably the man with the best knowledge in town, and I think you are trustworthy, because you don’t look down on other races.” After telling him that, the wind slows down, allowing me to move again.

Suddenly, his frightening presence calms down and he begins laughing
“Go on, tell me what bothers you, I will help you at the best of my abilities!”

Relieved of the tension, I all of a sudden notice that his smile resembles Fionn’s smile. So warm.  

I then tell him I want to sell a gold coin, for a fair price without getting scammed or labeled as a thief.
“On top of that I need an Inn that is willing to take in a young girl, as long as I provide enough money.”

The man suddenly ducks and rummages through his drawers. He proudly smiles as he walks towards me and hands over a small badge.

The words “Principal’s Personal Disciple” are imprinted and lots of glamorous ornaments decorate it.

Ohhh! A badge from such an influential person is sure to help out in one or another situation. And if I don’t need it anymore, I can just sell it for a lot of money. How convenient!

“Seems like you know what this is. Then I won’t have to explain why you are not allowed to loose it under any cicumstances.” he requires.
“Of course! Thank you very much for giving me something so valuable.” I thank him and gratefully accept his gift.

“What is it?” I feel a bit insecure about his silent, examining gaze.
“You didn’t just think about selling the badge, right?”
A cold shower flows down my spine.
“I-I – Of course not!” I stumble.
“Haha. If you’re fine with it, we can meet tomorrow after your school ends and sell your coin together.” he replies.
“T-Thank you. It was the right decision after all!” I turn around and head towards the exit.

“Wait a second.” the Principal suddenly appears in front of me.

Hiok! How did get over here so fast? Did he teleport?

“If you want to leave, I still have two conditions.”
I wince at his merciless expression.
“First: Promise me, you will NOT sell it. NEVER!”

“…Y-Yeah…” Scary!

“2. Show me what you want to sell.”

I take out my coin from my inventory and give it to him.
“Oh, just a normal gold coin. A bit old but…

No wait! H-How can this be? Are you sure you didn’t steal this somewhere? Try to remember, we’ll have to give it back. This is more than just some pocket money!” he shouts out a bit frightened.
“I swear I never stole it. Believe me!” I claim.
“Did your parents give it to you? Your dad is one of the strongest adventurers after all.”
“Haha, that can’t be, we cannot even afford to live in the city. I found it myself. Wait, how do you know him?”
“He personally enrolled you a few years ago. He excitedly told me about how proud he is of you and that you trained every day behind his back as soon as sword training ended. Did he teach you how to transform?”

“Transform? No, I’m not interested in transformation magic.”
“I guess he didn’t tell him. Either way, tomorrow after school ends, I’ll be waiting.”


The next day was totally boring again. Except for history.

We talked about a hero from 1000 years ago, who is said to have slain a dragon. After he disappeared, the Northern Empire decided to honor his deeds with a gold coin that has a dragon imprinted. However, the emperor who decided that, died half a year later. 

As it is common to honor every new emperor with coins showing the emperor’s face in order to mark a new era, the production of the dragon coins stopped. Therefore they are very few in number. 

Also she spoke about “The mystery of history”.
For unknown reasons, no document older than 2000 years exist. No one knows anything about this hole in history. One can say, this continent doesn’t have a past.
I already read a lot about it before, but it seems like the oldest document known to exist is 2380 years old. A cooking recipe.

After school ends, I tell Ryan I’m busy today and then show a random teacher my crest, since I want him to take me to the principal’s office.

“T-This is…! How were you able to get that? Weren’t you the troublemaker, who stalled his break for two hours?”
“A-Anyway, just walk along this corridor a bit further and then turn left. You shouldn’t miss the big ‘Principal!’ sign.” he explains. 

I knock the door a few times.
“Come in!” someone shouts from inside.
“Er- Hello.”
What’s up with his voice? It’s completely different from yesterday.

While we are going towards a glowing magic circle in the back of the room, he tells me to not worry about his always changing voice, since he simply likes acting.
“Do you dance as well?” I ask him.
“N-No. Of course not. Why would I do something like dancing…”

I let out a scared scream as suddenly red light emerges from the circle and engulfs us.

“Here we are. Mary! I am back with a friend of mine!” the principal exclaims.
I open my eyes and find myself and the principal inside a small wooden room.

While he is opening the door, an old woman comes over running and hugs the principal.
“Good to see you again! It’s a long time since you last brought a friend with you. Where is he?

A-A-Am I seeing things?” she stutters.
“Why are you so shocked? Is there anything wrong about him?” he asks.
“How did you two become frineds? You always hide from the students and it’s only the third day!”
“I broke a school rule intentional on the second day.” I tell her.
“Doesn’t he especially dislike those kind of impolite kids?
Nevermind that, why did you come here today? Does he need a room? Did he get into a quarrel with his room mate?”

I never got into any fights with Ryan, but him talking loud until midnight indeed is quite annoying.

“I need a place to stay for a friend of mine. She doesn’t have any family to take care of her. Probably. I asked the principal if he knows an inn which is willing to let her live in it for at least some years, doesn’t abuse, but nourishes and looks after her.” I explain.
As she seems a bit irritated, the principal adds
“He has enough money to cover up for that. And I would appreciate if you would let his friend work here as well.”

She then laughs and announces that she won’t charge the costs for the room as a service for an old friend as long as we pay for the girl’s food.
After I give her a more detailed description of the girl, she apologizes that she cannot let the girl work under her if she’s too young, but she will still provide her with care and shelter.

Soon after we leave the inn and search for a store that will pay a fair price for my coin.

Two hours later, we are still searching. Two merchants wanted to buy it for (only) one hundred gold coins, and the rest didn’t seem to notice anything special about it.
Our next target is a renowned luxury store which we avoided until now since it is famous for completely disregarding negotiations. 

“10.000 gold coins. Final price.” the expert from the store finally makes his judgment.
“W-What? 10.000?” I can’t believe my ears.
“No further negotiations.” he insists.
“O-Of course. How many are you willing to buy?” I ask him and receive a questioning gaze from the principal.
“How many of the ‘Dawn of Dragon’ coins do you have? Are they all in the same condition?” he asks me with a stone face.
So professional! It’s a renowned store for nobility after all.

As I don’t want to appear too suspicious, I give the expert 4 more coins and decide to sell the other 95 at a later date.

“Haha, amazing. Don’t talk about a room for one year, you could buy the whole inn with a single coin!” the principal excitedly tells me after we left the store.
“I don’t need the whole inn though” I respond.
“Say, aren’t you happy about that huge sum at all?”
“I am very happy. It’s just that i don’t know what to buy with this. Should I buy something incredible? Should I buy a lot of cool stuff or should I rather save it for the future?”
“How noble, I always spent all my money on drinking.”
“Do you still drink?”
“No, I quit. An adventurer isn’t allowed to drink.”

While we are talking, we reach the backstreet where I found the girl yesterday.
“Is this where you last saw her?” the principal asks.
I nod. 

“Haha, do you know how I found you? After you tried so hard to find a new trash-pile to live in?”
I hear people laughing behind the corner. And then…
What is that sound?

“Aren’t you happy to see me after one whole year? Did you miss me?
Thanks to my idiot friend who somehow didn’t die 4 years ago, I was able to find you again.
Guys, are you having fun? Enjoy yourselves as much as you want, this is the climax of my birthday party after all!” a familiar voice shouts out.
“This is the best party ever!” another person consents.
“Haha, no way! How dare you bother us with disposing of this piece of trash? Haha!”
“It should just kill itself!”

“N-Noo, – cough cough – n-not my bread! E-Everything but that! Noooo!” another familiar voice appears as I run towards the corner at the end of the street.

“How dare you! Assholes!” I roar, just as I am about to turn around the corner.

Are you for real? Are they really humans?

“Woah, haha. I was shocked for a second. Haha, do you see this guy? He was the reson we were able to find you and beat you up like that. Don’t you wanna hit him? We will even hold him down for you, haha!” ‘Boss’ laughs at her while crushing the bread with his feet. 

“Please excuse me, principal, for breaking a rule again. But…
Go to hell!” I roar again while jumping straight towards them.

As I’m closing in, their faces quickly change. From sneering to despairing. In a single second.
They at first laughed at me, but they quickly realize it. With killing intent making them pee their pants, and magical pressures that makes them unable to move, they realize it.
They made a fatal mistake.
As they get beaten up by dozens of punches, with a fist harder than iron, they can only tremble.

While I’m blindly hitting them with tears in my eyes, the principal interferes. He tells me to calm down and picks up the unconscious beaten boys.

How could they do something so horrible? Tears flow down my face.
I should have killed them.

“Will I have to leave now, for beating up another student?” I ask him while looking down.
“Don’t worry, you were in my responsibility after all. But you should be more careful. People who are quick to resort to violence, often end up hurting their comrades instead. Look, how frightened the girl is of you now.
As a warrior, no matter what: Keep calm.”

Keep calm. I don’t dare to say he’s wrong, but how…
How can I keep calm at a situation like this?

“P-Please, d-don’t kill me! I-I don’t wanna die!” she cries. While I’m walking towards her.

It hurts seeing her looking at me like that. As if I’m the same as those monsters.

After that, we are somehow able to convince her to come with us by giving her food and openly saying that we won’t force her to go with us to the inn. I think, when the principal told her, that he’s the principal of the school of this city and that he will let her enter, she was finally convinced that we don’t mean any harm.

“Oh my god, what happened to her? She looks awful! Don’t worry, my child. I’ll quickly patch you up!” Mary panics at the moment we step into the inn.
After Mary cleaned her body and gave her new clothes, I give her enough money to live here for the next five years, and entrust the innkeeper with some extra money and the delivery of a message for the little girl, after she wakes up.

Finally, my mind is at ease again. I sigh.

“By the way, why are there three unconscious boys in your arms?” Mary wonders.
“Just some impudent little bastards. They’re expelled for breaking a school rule.” he answers.

Back at the dorm Ryan keeps insulting the principal – at least the old man already went back to his office – about snatching away his friend. He keeps nagging about how boring today was. What a noisy fellow.

However, it makes me happy.

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